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Imran Haque

Data scientist, computational biologist, and the guy who runs this site. See more about me.

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Six interesting abstracts from ASCO GI 2019

I saw a billboard for a Very Well Known cancer drug on US101 today and realized that ASCO’s Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium (aka ASCO GI) was in town. Although I’m not currently working on CRC screening, it’s an interesting enough area for me to have spent a couple …

Diving into CellMax’s data from ASCO GI 2018 on colorectal cancer detection by CTCs

While writing my post about ASCO GI 2019 (in particular, the section on CellMax’s new abstract), I realized that to tell the story properly, I had to analyze last year’s CellMax data. That turned into enough content that I thought it would be best to split it into …

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Mr. Lockhart’s AI

Machine learning and computational modeling remain some of the hottest topics in both the academic and industrial biology and healthcare communities. Here I’ll take a closer look at some problems with how we conceive of the use of AI and machine learning in biology, and how shifting our mode …

Hello World!

Imran Haque

Welcome! After many years of confining myself to papers, company posts, and the occasional Twitter rant, I’ve decided to set up my own blog. What can you expect?

  • Commentary from my core expertise: computational biology, machine learning, genomics, diagnostics, therapeutics, and biotechnology.
  • Tidbits that I find interesting: new papers …