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2019 Early Detection Mid-Year Roundup, Part II: Technology

Part of a series on advances in early detection liquid biopsy from 2019H1:

  1. Part I: Tumor fraction still matters
  2. Part II: Technical advances from Grail and Guardant

With the data I reviewed in the first post in the series it seems fair to say that everyone’s now agreed that …

Mid-2019 Early Detection Roundup, Part I: Tumor Fraction

The first half of the year is always exciting in the cancer world between results presented at AACR in April and ASCO in June, making it a good time to review the state of early detection science in mid-2019. This is long, so I’ll break it up into a …

Barriers to Entry and Barriers to Validation

(See the slides here)

In the final section of my recent keynote address for Cancer Research UK‘s 2019 Symposium on Oesophageal Cancer, I departed from my usual rants on technical rigor in science to discuss the political barriers that keep us from effectively translating and scaling new diagnostics in …

Interactive Preference Ranking

It’s not always easy to figure out the relative importance of our various preferences. For example, when trying to find a place to move, do you care more about price, walkability, parking, proximity to work, safety, …? Or when trying to find a job, is it about salary, equity, the …

Three Principles for AI/ML in Drug Discovery

(See the slides here)

I was recently invited by OpenEye Scientific to speak at their 19th CUP meeting - a scientific conference focused on challenges of computational modeling in drug discovery. It was my first time back at CUP in 8 years, since I switched fields from computational chemistry into computational …