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Decoding the Peloton (PeloMon, Part I)

TL;DR - I’ve decoded (most of) the protocol that the Peloton bike uses to communicate with its head unit tablet and built a device, the PeloMon, that takes that data during a ride, without interfering with the Peloton software, to broadcast it over Bluetooth LE to whatever devices you …

Careers in Industry and Academia

I recently spoke at Recursion Pharmaceuticals’ Career Insights Series on career development and trajectory in industry (and how it differs from the same in academia, for those coming from PhDs and postdocs). If you’d like to watch along with the post (or instead of the post), you can view …

AI in Drug Discovery Glossary, 2020 Edition

The following was submitted to the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry as a mini-perspective for their special issue on AI in drug discovery. I leave it to the reader to judge whether they were right to reject it forthwith.

The breadth of the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in drug discovery …

2019 Early Detection Mid-Year Roundup, Part III: Clinical Performance and Economics

The shocking conclusion to a series on advances in early detection liquid biopsy from 2019H1:

  1. Part I: Tumor fraction still matters
  2. Part II: Technical advances from Grail and Guardant
  3. Part III: Clinical Performance and Economics

In the previous installments of this series, I’ve briefly reviewed some of the key …

Featured on Tech Tonics Podcast

Many thanks to Lisa Suennen and David Shaywitz for having me on Tech Tonics recently! My interview with them came out today. Listen to it on Connected Social Media or through your podcast app.

In it, I discuss with Lisa and David my work in computational biology, genetics, and the …